It is my conviction that we, more than ever, need to be thinking ahead and outside of the narcissistic bubble society promotes us to create - a society where we believe we are the most intelligent species on the planet. But think about it,  no other living thing destroys it’s home with wars and bombs, invents a weapon that can kill all living beings without a getaway strategy, pollutes it’s ecosystem so it will not have food or clean water for it’s offsprings, or thinks capital gain and consumption is more important than cherishing and living in the here and now.

I don’t understand how anyone could want to destroy another life, what is gained from it? Trumps lifting of the elephant trophy ban is just another string in his bow of clear idiocy, the bow of the self-obsessed. This behaviour should not be rewarded. Only because you can fire a bullet into the body of another animal from 200 meters away does not mean you are a match for their prowess. It means you are a coward.

Science is the desire to study and understand nature. The fascination with the world, and it’s surroundings, that we have been privileged to be born into.

Activism is the desire to promote and to act for social, political, economic and/ or environmental change.

My activism is to study, through my art, the science of nature on our planet and to bring it to others attention so that they can also marvel at our luck to be part of its current history. It is also my way of making us think of ways that we must protect it.

The ultimate goal should be for each and every one of us to leave this planet a bit better off than when we arrived. Too many people say “It won’t make a difference”, but in the history of our civilisation, single men and women have been the catalysts for monumental change.

Therefore, to take complete responsibility for our actions, however big or small is the only way we can achieve our purpose for being here.

Respect for our planet, others and all living things is the most powerful skill we could ever have and preserve.


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Clara Lacy has a BA Hons in Illustration from Camberwell College of Art and has worked as an Artist and Illustrator in London, New York and Hong Kong.

Working with titles including Bloomberg, The Telegraph's Luxury Magazine, Highsnobiety, i:D, Port, and with brands such as Heineken, Channel 4, Roundel London, Lexus and Hostem.

Exhibiting in solo shows at the Grant Museum, London and The Town Hall Hotel, London, as well as group shows including The Faberge Big Egg Hunt.

Clara’s work is inspired by her environment, in particular the natural world around her, rendering in pencil and watercolour her fascination with the beauty and strangeness of biology and evolution. 


My goal is to help people gain a greater appreciation of science and nature through providing engaging and accurate illustrations as well as being beautifully drafted objects in their own right.

  - Clara Lacy